Affordable Homes UK

Developing genuinely affordable homes


ahUK (affordable homes UK) is an innovative affordable housing developer and manager that provide good quality “intermediate” affordable homes for private ownership. The organisation is privately administered and operates via a number of not for profit charitably aimed bodies.

To date ahUK’s mainstream of development programme has been aimed to help local folk who aspire to own a genuinely affordable home and the type and style of homes delivered reflect the local community’s general housing need. Most ahUK home owners usually have an existing “connection” with the local community, or district area, and frequently are employed in locally based businesses and essential services.

In addition to providing homes to help meet general needs the ahUK organisation has developed a new model to assist retired homeowners who feel it may be sensible to consider “downsizing” their home. They will usually be considering finding a comfortable and secure home that is more appropriate to meet their existing and future needs, plus is more economical and practical to run – this new affordable home ownership option is being piloted through ahUK’s “Asher Homes UK” initiative.

The ahUK organisation highly values honesty, integrity and professionalism. For more information about developments at specific locations please “click” on the town opposite.

To contact ahUK’s office please click the link below: